July 21st, 2007


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Okay, so yesterday afternoon I felt like garbage, so I tried to sleep it off a bit. I think I slept from 5 to 7. I finally got to meet Paul R. and Heather and AJ came over for tacos. After food, we walked over to the Ex. I brought everyone over to meet Tyzen and he gave all of us free posters! :D We walked around and got soaked when it started to rain. All of us except for Leah went on one of those virtual 3-D ride games. Paul and AJ won Leah some carnival prizes, and we hung out at a watergun game with this guy/operator named Justin. He teased Heather about Penske being so much better than UHaul. As we were leaving, Leah got hit with a lemon! lol. Then we walked back and I found a quarter. Leah kept complaining about wanting to rest all the way home. We got back just in time for meds and Leah drove everyone home.
This morning, I wake up and Paul is in the bedroom. lol. I'm still asleep, in the clothes I wore yesterday. Go me. So that was kinda funny.
I need to shower, but I want to copy files over to the laptop and back up my photos, since I have some great ones I don't want to lose.
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