May 16th, 2007


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So, last night I had a sex dream about Lyle Sennet. This is a kid I went to grade school with and haven't seen since grade 8. He was one of the bullies and everything. I have no idea why it was him in the dream. It was kinda nice. We were sweet at first, and I was sort of protective about him. J was in the dream, but was avoiding me. I might have been trying to make him jealous, but I'm not sure. There was also snow and skiing in the dream, so that was weird. Later on, Lyle was sort of avoidant, cuz he wasn't sure if I was cool enough to be his girl, but then he held me in the bathtub when I fell down in the shower. After that it gets messed up with the parts that I have either dreamt before or dream that I remember them (it's confusing). There was also a part where I drive a car onto Corey Custers' lawn and blow out the emergency break, and my mom is loading up a worn out blue civic with a flat tire and on the verge of falling apart and I am so scared for her to drive it but she says she has to move the stuff and has no idea how to fix the car I just busted, so we have no options.

In real life, I am in a weird mood. I feel like I want to be angry, but I have no reason to be. I spent some time reading the Buffy Watcher's Guide, downloading music, watching tv with Michelle's mom and knitting. I played a bunch of Pokemon and did more music stuff. Pretty uneventful.

I think a shower is on tap for tomorrow.
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