May 15th, 2007



So, last night M came to pick me up. We stopped off at The Superstore, cuz I needed to pee and she needed some groceries. I also picked up a few snacks. When we got to her house, we watched Heroes. Yay. Season finale next week!!! We also watched a few episodes of Buffy season 2 while I got settled. I read another V:tM short story before bed.
I woke up at my usual time, sfter have a twenty stuffed in my mouth. lol. I was supposed to be getting a cab to meet her at work, but she got off early (and got her money back). I spent the day downloading music and reading the Buffy Watcher's Guide.
The BlueJays game was fun. Too bad I only really got into it right near the end, but it was a great first date. :D The racing chilies were amusing as well. We listened to t.A.T.u. on the way home and stopped for icecream and fuel.
On our way out of the stadium, there was a man in a santa suit bumming for change with a sign that read: "The sleigh broke down". wtf? That's a new one. lol.
So, I think now it is time for Buffy and getting comfy. Not sure what I am going to do tomorrow, but less hibernating is on the docket.
Also, I managed to stay awake all day today, so yay!
I took pix and vid of the game, just don't have a means of transferring it to my comp until I get back home.

Oh yeah, we won. :)
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