April 10th, 2007



My speakers came! :) I'm already using them. +++motivation to finish importing my music! Came with a card for 3 free downloads from audible.com
Just spent about an hour talking on the phone with my mamine. Tom just bought a '92 Stealth and signed the Sunfire over to my mom.
Looking forward to the poetry workshop tonight. Hope I feel the same way when it's over.
Gonna go register my item now, and check out the free d/ls.
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iTunes help, please

Does anyone know how to get mp3 files to list as audiobooks? So far, I can only get *.aa files to list as such. I really don't want my spoken word files coming up while I have my music on shuffle. Yeah, I could make a playlist, but that is only skirting the issue.
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Poetry Workshop

So, it went well. I'm not ace or anything, but I was encouraged by everyone suggesting that I should join the CAA (Canadian Authors Association). I feel a bit bad for the only other unpublished guy that was there. I think he wanted to learn about structures, but we mostly focused on critiquing, I think. Anyway, it went okay; I even read my own work aloud. :O
I am planning on attending a poetry reading on Friday. Two of the women that were at the workshop tonight will be preforming, along with four others.

Steph, I sent out that cd tonight, so you should get it in a few weeks? (USPS is slow and horrible.)
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