April 2nd, 2007


Chat and stuff

Had a group chat with my dad and sis on MSN. It was slightly amusing, her and I both having obviously dysfunctional icons and him changing his name to "Papa Bear". O.o Other than that it was good.
Spent the evening listening to/filing mp3s, playing PC games, chatting with my gf. Ed & Elaine tried to teach me Euchre. I claim that the game is delusional since you have to pretend that the left bauer is the trump suit. (Holy jargon!) Then Elaine pulled this thing where she argued with me an then agreed. lol. I think she was playing.
Everyone is arguing over muffins, which we wouldn't even have if I hadn't asked for them. :(
Thunder and rain outside. I hope the power doesn't go out, even though I should be going to bed soon. I haven't listened to my radio show in awhile, so I might do that, or else just read.
Plans for tomorrow include a bath and looking up the price of the iPod speakers I want and a C-Craine radio. (Possibly ordering.) Also need to dispense meds for the week. Maybe I should get one of those monthly dispensers.
Moo. I have a headache. :(
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Hey, Paul. I just had a really cool dream with you in it. We were just hanging out, loitering around like teenagers with two other guys that were your friends.

I hope today is a better day for you.
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Productive but not

So, I feel like my day has been productive, although I may not have much to show for it. For some reason I woke up at insane-o-clock this morning. I grabbed a muffin from the freezer, put on an episode of Stargate, and woke again around 10:30am. I read a bit of Anne Frank and had breakfast. After breakfast, I bathed, shaved, groomed, and dressed. I played gameboy for a bit until I got tired of dying; then I ordered iPod speakers from Altec Lansing and a radio from C-Crane. After that, I went downstairs to make a cd for Kim. This takes longer than it seems, as I am picky and thorough as far as that goes. I was test-listening to the finished product until my mom phoned before dinner. (We are trying to arrange when she can take me to the airport in July so I can book a flight.) Dinner was great! Chicken pie, string beans, carrots, corn on the cobb. Mmmmmm. After dinner I watched Judge Judy with Elaine and then went out for a walk. (First of the season!) I'm thinking of doing something cheesy, like putting stickers on my calendar for every day I go for a walk. I don't know if that kind of "motivation" will work on me, but we'll see. While I was walking, I heard a song that I thought Paul would like, so I sent it to him once I got in. He claims to like it, so that's cool. :) I just spent the rest of the night chatting, reading LJ and wikipedia, listening to mp3s. I've downloaded some new pc games, so I might test those out and see if they even run on my lappy. I also saw a game I want to get for PS2, it is called Fahrenheit.
So, that's pretty much been my day. Don't really have any plans for tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll find things to do. :)
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