December 8th, 2006


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Heh. My dream last night was a musical. Lightly based on The Phantom of the Opera, but we started making jokes about Andrew Lloyd Webber and stuff that we shouldn't have known as characters. And Christine was diabetic or something. It was amusing.
I feel so tired, and I have a huge zit on my head and it HURTS! :(
I've gotten all my gift wrapping finished, except for the last gift I have yet to buy (although I know what I am getting).
Things on my list to do today:
take a bath
finish addressing packages
catch up on RvB and Foamy

I'm still disappointed about my Lego calendar being messed up. blergh.

This just in! I've been recruited to fill in at a Wassail ("here we come a wassailing"). I think I still have timeto get everything done today though. :)
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