December 7th, 2006


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that I am back online! Yay! I missed the interweb! Lots to say but so very tired. Just got in and need to unpack/unwind/sleep. I'll probably be spending the majority of tomorrow catching up on flist entries lol. I'll try to post some pix, too.
I sincerely hope that all of you are well and that nothing severe has happened while I was away.


My best friend just cancelled on me for Christmas. :(

I was really looking forward to going up to see her. Now I don't know what to do. I don't want to tell everyone, because I don't want to be squeezed into their plans at the last minute. I'd still like to see my gf, but I don't want to spend too much time there, it is hard for me to be around her and her bf for extended periods of time. I'd like to go up to Keswick, but I haven't talked to him for about a year. *sigh* Where did all my friends go?
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Let's start off with two photos.

This is my "cousin" Jodie and his baby, Sabrina.

This is a snowpig.

Those are pretty much the only pix I took worth sharing. I wish I had more, but I didn't have batteries for the camera until after Manitoba.
Now I shall try to recount my trip.

Leah and I left Niagara Falls on November 18, 2006 @ 10am. Her car was packed as full as it could be. Her cat decided to steal my legroom for the majority of the trip, but other than that, it was okay. In Thunder Bay, I watched a documentary on the history of video games. I enjoyed it muchly and took notes (as I am apt to do). On November 22 we arrived in Redwater, where Lorna (my mom's bestfriend with whom we stayed) met us. Lorna lives an hour outside of Edmonton, Alberta. That Saturday, we did a test drive to the LRT (Light-rail train), so that Leah would know how to get there on Monday for work. I watched a ton of movies while I was there. Lorna has 4 cats, so I got to visit the kitties a bit. On my birthday, Lorna got us stuck in a snowbank. (I took pix, but they are too dark to post.) I thought the car was going to roll! On December 2, I met my "cousin" Jodie and his fiancee, Kristina. They gave me a birthday card. On Monday night, I got on a train heading back to Ontario. The train ride was alright, except that I'd forgotton what spending 3 days alone with myself inside my head does to me, so I felt a little crazy last night. I'm also confused about the bf thing. I hardly missed him at all while I was away, and felt completely smothered before I left. So far, I've only emailed him since I've been back. I am to call my mom this evening. I've spent the majority of today catching up on correspondance and bills, etc. As mentioned earlier, my bestfriend just cancelled on me for Christmas. :( Anyway, I still have a thousand things to get done yet. If I think of anything, I'll be sure to post again.
I am so glad to e back online. I've missed all of you! I'm hoping to get a chance to catch up tonight, and if not by then, than definately by tomorrow.
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Just caught up on my flist. It only goes back 180 entries (to Nov 23) so if I missed anything before then, I appologise. My eyes are going wonky, so unused to staring at computer screen. Have 8 lj secret posts to catch up on, not to mention Foamy and RvB. I think the foamy community on lj might have died, people used to post whenever new episodes were up, now I have to mark them on my g-calendar (such a l00z3R).
I wrote out Xmas cards today. It seems I had a lot more people to send cards to last year. :( A lot of friends have moved and I haven't gotten their new addresses, so there's no point in wasting postage. I have 7 US postage stamps that I need to use by the new year. If you live in the U.S. of A. and would like an Xmas card, let me know! You can leave your address in a comment and then delete it, it will get sent to my email. Or you can just email me.
I had forgotten all about my Lego Advent calendar. I think I am going to open that tonight before bed. I was going to wrap gifts tonight, but spent all night reading LJ instead.
Ed took me to Puralator so I could pick up my book. Yay! Now I don't have to beg Ian for his copy any more.
We had wings and za for supper. I have been so thirsty since I've been home, it's crazy.
Still having uneasy feelings about the bf, but had a supportive conversation tonight.
Get to see my gf on the 16th! :)

Edit: my advent calendar is all kerfluey. Nothing is in the right window. *sigh* Oh well, still Lego!
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