June 20th, 2006


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It took me over 5 hours to realise why I am so stressed, to the point of puking: I saw both of my parents today.

Ed and Elaine put out way too much money for me.
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still sick

okay, now the self-questionning is kicking in.

i phoned my bf and asked him to break his computer blockout time to talk to me online when he gets off work...

so, now I am telling myself that I am being too needy; that it's this kind of thing that will make him tire of me.

i just want to take a handful of pills and sleep until i don't care anymore. :(

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okay, it's over an hour since he got off work...

i'm starting to think of everyone else who wants/wanted me...blackhearted bitch like. it's so hard not to play that card.