December 2nd, 2005


How the birthday went

So, some people have inquired as to how my birthday went, so I will write about it here.
On Sunday, Nov 27th, Elaine held a party for me in Welland. Kay, Wayne, buschie, Ian, Laura, Ed, and Elaine were there. Kay gave me a sweater on which she embroiderd a kitten, and Elaine gave me a lovely journal, some stickers, and these inter-locking snack dishes. The next day, Ian bought me some candy to put in my snack dishes! :)
Tuesday my best friend called me and left a message for me! :D That evening, I had dinner at my mom's house with Jamie, Leah, my mom, and Tom. Leah and my father gave me some DVDs and my sister wrote me the best birthday card ever!!! My mom gave me a box to put my jewelery in, and my boyfriend gave me a necklace and a new harddrive for my laptop! :) I haven't taken the necklace off since I got it! :) And later that night we installed the new harddrive. :) There was more to the birthday dinner but write now my head still hurts from this cold I got. So if you really want details, ask me later.
On Wednesday, I went to Dunnville to visit my grandparents and my father "casually" mentioned that it had been my birthday, so my grampa gave me a $20 and I got a $20 from my aunt. (The money from my aunt is taking me to see Harry Potter tonight.)
I also got a couple of birthday IMs and 2 people deemed me important enough to mention on their LJ. :)
Well, that's about it for the birthday news. I might write more when this cold goes away.
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