August 22nd, 2005


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I am really fucking tired today and I feel like I shouldn't complain because it's ONE day out of the month that I've "worked" and my poor sister is perpetually sleep deprived working 2 jobs so she can go back to school. Anyway, I talked to my mom today and I don't know what is with her because she said she was "really happy" that I called and she is actually coming to pick me up tomorrow. (OMG)
Has anyone else heard/read of case studies of people who appeared to be coming out of their depression and then they "unexpectedly" commit suicide? I've been thinking about that lately, I guess cuz things seem to be going better lately but I still think not all that positively at times.
Oh, and J liked the last poem I wrote.
Gonna spend the rest of the night fucking around on the comp, probably playing neopet games.
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