December 16th, 2004


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My back is sore.

As soon as this CD finishes ripping, I am going to take my meds and go upstairs (and eventually sleep).

oceanicundertow and xsweet_miseryx, I've sent you an email (hotmail) I hope you can reply ASAP.

Everyone says I've been happy tonight.
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Group went bad. I ended up leaving and walking over to Knox. Fortunately, people were there.

It's wet outside.

I'm trying to find out if/when my gf is coming over tomorrow. I want to address a bunch of books but don't want to waste envelopes incase I see ppl.

Anyway... bath tonight, maybe work on cds...

Max Barry is a GENIUS!

welcome to reality

The first principle of marketing (okay, it’s not the first, but it doesn’t sound nearly as cool to say it’s the third) is this: perception is reality. You see, a long time ago, some academic came up with the idea that reality doesn’t actually exist. Or at least, if it does, no one can agree what it is. Because of perception.

Perception is the filter through which we view the world, and most of the time it’s a handy thing to have: it generalizes the world so we can deduce that a man who wears an Armani suit is rich, or that a man who wears an Armani suit and keeps saying, “Isn’t this some Armani suit,” is a rich asshole. But perception is a faulty mechanism. Perception is unreliable and easily distracted, subject to a thousand miscues and misinformation...

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