December 15th, 2004


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Okay, so today... right now we are playing "let's listen to Mario music and guess what portion of game it is from". :P I win! Haha! Not quite, but I am pretty good at this game :) Okay, Ian is talking about the main boss and that is reminding me of this "Guiena Brothers" game we had for Commodore which was a combination of a game called Guiena Sisters and Super Mario Brothers. Whoohoo.
So, today I am cramptastic but slightly hyper cuz Mel my Belle is here :) Heheh. Snow clouds...
Um, what else today?
Okay, well, Melanie just left. Today I woke up, then I heard a sound. (Not really but 10 points if you know what book that is from.) Um... Last night, we had pizza and watched A Wrinkle in Time. Today, did my 2 errands, then we went to Liquidation World; I got a shirt. Then we got a tree and new fluorescent tubes. Well, I got through a box of CDs towards making Melanie's gift CDs... maybe I'll get through another box tonight. She was kind enough to leave her CDs here so I could rip them. Oh yeah, I have to make her a Dead Trolls CD! Well, I am happy that I don't have to do anything tomorrow other than attend group tomorrow night.
Okay, enough blabbing for now, I just wanted to take a break from CD-ripping and Destruct-o-match.
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