December 14th, 2004


Blah, blah, blah

So, I've finished binding books, which means now my goal is to get a letter a day (artist) listed in my song database, starting with A! (surprise, surprise!) Right now just finished Ace of Base :P
It's nice to be back to my regular brand (p.s. thanks Mel), but it is effin COLD out!
While I'm at it, time for a brief lesson: My journal may get a bit confusing with references to Mel, Lis, and Liz. Mel is my new friend Melanie, aka phantomeor, Lis is my highschool friend Melissa, aka c_carcarias, and Liz is Ian's (aka 980iana) sister.
Btw, I just realised that Ian is the only one in his family who has a different first initial than the rest of his family. Everyone else is E*A. Heheh.
My sister came over tonight. We had planned on going to see National Treasure but she got here 10 minutes before it started and I didn't feel like going. :/ Now she is passed out here beside me on the floor. :P
Stupid Christopher CD track 10 didn't rip right. Grrr. So I am attempting to rip it on my desktop machine right now.
Ian made pasta for dinner and it was good. I ate too much tho.
My back hurts a lot, today was a stressful day, and Liz's mattress is pretty squishy. (Gotta get my water pillow from Ian.)
Um, hmm, not much else new. Leah now is addicted to the Pa-chinko machine (if her head didn't hurt so much) and I got to talk to Mel today. :) Get to see her on Wed and my gf on Fri. :)
As far as my song database goes, I still have some mp3s on my machine not listed, but it's kinda a pain in the ass to list some of them, esp. 303 Infinity. Other than that, I think the only other ones I need to list are songs in my New (aka I haven't listened to yet) folder and some albums I copied for my sister. Still trying to compile a CD for Mel.
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Oh, last night I watched a tv movie called "A Bear Named Winnie". It wasn't as good as the commercials. There was a lot of military stuff in it.
La la la.
Tomorrow (today) is furnace guy and buy a tree day.
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