October 28th, 2004


Avril Levigne

Okay, I know you all think she sucks but I really <3 the new Avril Levigne cd.
"Nobody's Home" is my new personal anthem.
I also really like "Don't Tell Me" and "My Happy Ending".

Not much else news. Dropped stuff off in St. Kitt's. Had lunch with Elaine and Sherron.

goddess of Nineveh (2:01 PM) : Well, you ARE 12 years older than me
Crazy Bob (2:01 PM) : maybe how old are you 22
goddess of Nineveh (2:01 PM) : mmhmm
Crazy Bob (2:04 PM) : i was born in 1969 if you are 22 that would make 13
goddess of Nineveh (2:05 PM) : nope, just 12 cuz I'm turning 23 this year yet
Crazy Bob (2:06 PM) : nov the something help me i am bad with b days
goddess of Nineveh (2:07 PM) : something-something
Crazy Bob (2:09 PM) :
dec 9
goddess of Nineveh (2:09 PM) :
right... cuz that's in November!


Put stuff on my laptop last night. Ran Scan disk this morning; running Disk Defragmenter now.

Don't know if all the cracks I downloaded worked. Bejeweled isn't running at all, so I'll probably have to re-d/l it.

Oh, we got groceries this morning as well.
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    My Happy Ending - Avril Levigne

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I feel like shit, like I just used you and sent you away. I hope you know it's not like that. I'm just being stupid and fucked up.

What is it with us girls and wanting to belong to someone?