October 13th, 2004


More bad dreams

This time in my dream, we were at a house, and it was like a party.

And there was a girl there that you were in love with... *sigh*

And I got all clingy and pushy and it wasn't good, and I kept wanting to leave, but I didn't want to leave you...



Went to my appt this morning semi-conscious. My mom kept asking if I was okay because I was so tired.
Got a bunch of clothes and some more tapes from the apt.
Dropped back into bed as soon as I got through the door.
Woke up to an advocate banging on my door. "There's a lady named Elaine here to see you." So I pull on a sweater and shoes, jump downstairs. Then I tell her, "If you're going to take me out, I'll have to go get dressed." :P So I ran back upstairs, pulled on some clothes, brushed my hair, made sure I had my room key, grabbed my change and now here I am in Welland about to indulge in my addiction (Big Money). :D

I am special. x)

AND it is even more fun because I am talking to my duck from his own house! :P

:) :) :)

Guess I'll post tomorrow about how the rest of the evening goes.
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