October 10th, 2004


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I had a nice day with the Andersons. Found Dawn's pic in the 1999 Crossley yearbook. There was extra food so I was able to bring some for Jenine. I'm tired as all fuck!
I mentioned that I have eaten better in the past 2 days than I have in the past 3 months and that made Elaine really happy. :) I got to hug everyone before I left.
My thanksgiving for this day is: I am thankful for the Andersons and all the kindnesses they have shown me.

I wrote a poem today. It is about JLM.

Regaining Consciousness
why did I waste so much with you?
my heart
my purity
my future
you know you were undeserving
and you pulled up your pants
two minutes too late
and I lost so much
for what I gave to you
you drained it like a sieve
and it scattered on the wind
of a time that will never be
all because
I was looking for an out
like a mirage
you appeared
and I gave all my effort
and confused emotion
to something that could have never lasted
I traded my future
for the dream I made you out to be
and you let me down
and I messed things up
and I will never have
what could have been
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