September 29th, 2004


Today a lady gave me a coat.

People don't post enough. :(
Today I was talking to my mom on the phone and telling her I needed a coat and a lady walking in the door said "I just got a new coat, you can have mine." and she took it off then and there and handed it to me. So now I have a coat.
Well, on Friday I have an appointment with the Housing Help Centre at 11am and my appointment with my "psychiatric nurse" got moved to the 6th at 1:30pm.
Man, this screen keeps moving, like if someone was scrolling the mouse, but I'm not doing anything, so I dunno what's going on. And on the other computer LJ doesn't update, it's like days behind. Is that a cookie thing or what?
Today I got up, did laundry, wrote a letter to my sister, got my meds and allowance, folded my clothes, left a message for Tractor Dave, put my clothes away, went to Shopper's to mail something, bought pop from the dollarmart (and I put it in my locker cuz last time someone stole mine out from the fridge), called my mom. Then I was gonna have a nap but ended up reading instead. I am almost finished the book and it is very intriguing.

... okay, LiveJournal is fucking up so I am typing this in notepad before I post it so the page doesn't fuck up and it gets lost.

After dinner I went to the park with my computer buddy and her little sister and a girl who thought she was pregnant but just found out today that she isn't.
I haven't been sleeping well because my roomate keeps waking me up in the middle of the night asking me for cigarettes. Ergh.
Anyway, not much. I do need to talk to the nurse when I see him next week because Collapse ) like, DAILY and I've heard you can die from dehydration from that. Also, I haven't been very hungry at all. I did eat 3 meals today, but hardly anything. I ate my cereal as usual, had a nectarine, then I had (cold) potato soup for lunch, and a baked potato and veggies and a piece of bread for dinner. My stomach feels empty but I don't feel hungry.
Don't know what I'll do tomorrow, maybe ask Shelley about that clothing voucher or else just read and write out stuff. I haven't journalled in a few days.

The last point I need to make is that now I know I need to remove him from my friend's list. I can't bear reading it, but I also can't bear the idea of removing him... *sigh* I wish it wasn't so hard.
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Live Journal is sucking ASS!

I will try to fix my previous entry tomorrow, or later.

UPDATE: previous entry fixed after about 10 minutes of repeated effort.

(Now lets see how long it takes for this to post.)