September 28th, 2004


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So today I went to Hamilton with my mom to take my oma to the dentist but what I wanted to write about is this dream I had last night. I was back at university and I was taking a history course (the #s were 4M06) and the prof's name was Dr. Altc but the "c" was silent. Anyway, he was really incredible and classes were just awesome and I was telling Ian that he really ought to take this course cuz I knew he was taking history courses as his electives. And even though it was a 4th year course there were no prerequisits. Also, Ian's room was really wierd, he had some white material covering the walls that Emery had gotten from Canada's Wonderland and it looked really cool when they turned out the lights. Also, I was waiting to go to campus with Ian but his class wasn't til later or something cuz I left before him, and I was looking for him on campus but I didn't even know what class he had or in what building. Also, it was wintertime, cuz it was cold and wet and there was snow.
Nice dream, eh?

So, the only other news I have is that my sister sent me the CUTEST magnets and I got letters from Kalena and Michelle. I should be able to get the forms signed on the 5th and the mandatory meeting just finished. I think I have to meet someone tomorrow and I should be hearing from my nurse and the placement officer by the end of the week.
My plans for tomorrow are laundry, meet that housing chick, and mail a package.
I'll be getting my laptop on the 12th. :)
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