June 25th, 2004


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I wanted to post last night, but I wasn't able to log in *grrrrrr*
Yesterday Bill came and visited me so I didn't go insane (and gave me an excuse to buy pizza). Thanks.
I am very glad that I've finally been able to login because all I do online is LJ and Hotmail and without my nightly dose of LJ, I get very very bored. (Yes, I know. Get a life.)
I applied for 2 more jobs today. One to work as a cashier at IMAX and the other to work Security at a hotel. That was all that I felt qualified for on the job site today. The guy I called about baby-sitting never called back.
Fuck. I am thirsty!
I need to shower but have no motivation.

Today on Dr. Phil they are talking about ppl addicted to drugs like Vicodin and Ephedrin.

I am on the verge of asking friends if I can borrow games/movies to help fill my time. I've watched almost all the movies here and none of the games really intrigue me. But Ian won't let me play AC :( I am considering playing Harvet the Moon again since I have nothing better to do.

So, now I have some lumps on my neck. Yay!
Homewood called me yesterday. I should be admitted by August. I have no idea how to spell my case-worker's name, but it's Piery or something like that.

If no one hires me soon, I'll have to apply for Ontario Works. (Yes, that's Welfare.) Yippity-crap.

I had another dream where I told off my father for treating me like crap. In the dream he was demanding all these chores out of me and I screamed at him that I was not his maid; I was not gonna be Cindarella anymore. I told him he could no longer tell me what to do because I was finished doing everything for him. Yeah, I have so much unresolved anger towards him. Maybe S/O or Homewood can help me with that.

Anyway, I guess that's enough for now.
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I feel like crap.

If it wasn't for the uncontrollable twitching, I'd be at the pills right now.

Somebody save me.

Oh wait. Only I can do that, isn't that right?
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