June 19th, 2004



I've been getting really bad muscle cramps all week, in different places in my body. First my right leg, then my left foot (tonight) and now my left arm (just now). Does anyone know what causes these things? I'm not doing anything crazy, just sitting and my muscles will cramp up. They hurt like a moose. I am drinking plently of water, so it can't be dehydration. I have no idea what's going on! Please help!
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I do this a lot

I say it's okay, but I feel as if you are abandonning me. I know you have a life/responsabilities/prior engagements, but I have this problem of not feeling important to anyone, and when you talk to me I feel special/happy/accepted, but then you leave, you always leave because I am not your priority and never will be. I really don't know how to get over this. It's just live. It's just people living their lives, and I can't deal with that. And I don't tell you this, because making a big fuss about you leaving is only going to make you think that I'm a crazy bitch so then you won't want to talk to me again. I've even begun to worry about other people feeling abandoned when I have to leave. *sigh* I wish I would just grow up.