February 8th, 2004


(no subject)

Yeah, I know it takes a few days to recouperate... I think I might have fucked myself up good this time.

Tell me if you notice.

I sleep more and eat less, and I think I have tremours, although that may be from not eating enough.

Got 4 things on my list to do today, already got one started so I'm doing alright

(no subject)

I am hungry and tired.
All I want to do is pass out.
I got 3 things done today, 2 that were not on the list.
Laundry will be done sometime tonight. I may end up reading for school before the night is through.
I won't be showing until tomorrow when I have to get dressed.

Jesus, this depression is bad.
I'm barely eating, just living off the pills that keep me going.
I haven't been this depressed in a long time.