January 13th, 2004



I am only second
I am always lost
It is stronger there
can't draw you here
drowning now
in a whirlpool of death
hang on hang on
don't want to anymore
I will let go now
I swear to you I will
so much hatred burning within
Hatred for being alone
Hatred for raising myself
Hatred for defending myself
Hatred for supporting myself
Hatred for everyone who left me
Hatred for everyone who claims they haven't
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Does anyone understand?

Does anyone understand how hard it is to get up each day? Does anyone know what it feels like to see those commercials for starving kids on Africa and wish that it was their life?
Does anyone understand how somedays even taking a shower feels like a chore?
Does anyone understand when even the dark can't provide enough seclusion?
Does anyone understand how daily life can seem impossible?
Does anyone understand what it feels like to give anything to trade your life for anyone who would want it. I would gladly give my years to a patient with terminal illness. The end can not come soon enough.
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