September 18th, 2003


There is a reason for cell phones!

I am going to get this out of my system before I blow up at anyone specifically about this. THERE IS A REASON I HAVE A CELL PHONE!!! It is so that I can be contacted when I am not at home! I'm sorry, but you can NOT expect me to get your ICQ messages when I am not at my house. This is why I have a cell, so you can contact me when I am not in! I know I am repeating myself but this is REALLY beginning to irk me! I know one day it will result in me getting stood up and hypothetical person standing me up will say, "I sent you an ICQ." And thien I will fly off the handle and bitch them out, "I DON'T FUCKING HAVE TIME TO CHECK MY ICQ ALL THE TIME! IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE I GET A MESSAGE YOU HAVE TO CALL ME! Since my house is all the way out on a single bus route that comes by once every half hour and is easier to leave than to return to, I don't usually return until I have no plans to leave for the rest of the day. THEREFORE: If you make plans with me, or want to make plans with me, you must contact me via my cell phone NOT ICQ.

Okay, hopefully I got this all out of my system now and everyone will take heed and bear witness to the thruths that lie within, for these are the legacies of the last Horadrim... shit, wait.. damn.
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