September 16th, 2003


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So I found out something today during physio. One of my ribs is disjointed from where it should join my back. Lucky me!
Since I was the only patient at the time, Colleen asked if she could use me to demonstrate some things to the volunteers (kinees students). I thought it was cool cuz sometimes you see on shows a doctor showing stuff to med students on a patient. I wasn't even nervous and I found it interesting the things she was telling them.
I managed to get my prescriptions filled and add time to my phone before going to my appointment. Now I'm just waiting for my mamine to arrive so we can arrange payment for the physio sessions, since they won't bill directly to the insurance company.
I still want to get a copy of the shed key made and go back to Walmart with Ambs so that I can exchange some stuff and get the film developed. I also must clean the house (ie. take out the garbage) but I don't know if my back can handle it today. I'll at least put out the recycling.
After all that is done it's time for writing out notes for class and doing reading for school. Hopefully I can prevent myself from falling asleep during the day, so long as I stay busy enough. That way I'll get enough sleep to stay awake tomorrow.
I need to find out if argonsloth is gonna go see Tony Lee with leella and I (and maybe j_cat). I'm excited, his shows are always great! We need to make arrangements for hooking up for that.
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That you would love me if you felt me
that you would touch me just one time
that you would make it last forever
that it'd be more than just fine

These invisible boundaries
Somehow they are the strongest ones
I don't know how you can do this to yourself
I don't know how I can let you
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