September 1st, 2003



I shake like a grandmother. My sister is afraid to leave me alone because of how much difficulty I have moving about. I am on 5 different types of medication. I am in constant pain and wake up stiff and sore. If I am not asleep, all I do is read or once in awhile watch tv until I fall back asleep. I can't even wash my own hair or make my own meals. I have difficulty dressing and using the facilities. I have a constant headache, and did I mention I shake alot?
I didn't intend for this to be a list of my ailments. I wanted to write it because my sister keeps laughing how much of an old lady I am, getting bathed, and fed and wearing large night gowns and shaking all the time.
Why is the toilet still running?
She bought me cookies toda which was very nice. Tomorrow I get to have shrimp.
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