August 25th, 2003


I just don't anymore

I want to cut myself right now.
Last night I wanted to take some pills.
I just don't do these things anymore.
I deny myself release.
I want to bleed. I want to escape.
Instead I keep myself trapped inside.
Locked up. And never good.

Is it a disease or an addiction?

Have I got a long way to run.
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    Run - Collective Soul

America Pie

Moosey took me to see the movie tonight. Cinematography-wise, it was a piece of shit. As Leah described it, "it was good but kinda sucked". It lacked any sort of smooth flow but there were some funny parts and some "barfy" parts and some sentimental parts.
This is my professional review.
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    We Are the Beaver - Arogant Worms