August 24th, 2003


It's Okay

I wonder where you are right now and why I feel so fond of you. And why I can't see you and why you don't want me.
I wonder as my life drifts by what you have that I don't that makes you so exciting and makes my life so dull.
I wonder why I love you and why you're so afraid of it. Why you shut me out and push me away. Why you think you'll only hurt me.
But it's okay because I understand. And it's okay because you'll be my friend again. And it's okay because I'm alright. And it's okay for another night.
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My second completed story!

I just finished wrapping up Kailah's story, making it the second fully completed story I have written in my lifetime. The first one being a project we had to write for grade nine called The Great Canadian Adventure, originally titled Lost At Sea. I don't really have a title for Kailah's epic, but I'm fine with calling it Kailah's Story. I did also write a children's story for EWR OAO, but it was short and kinda sucked, but if anyone cares, it was called Jeremy's Pet.

Everyone rejoice witrh me!!!.

leella wants me to count how many pages it is. No thanks. But I can tell you it is 17 chapters with a few Apendices. Anyone interested in reading it, just let me know.
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