August 22nd, 2003


A funfilled day

After a day filled of trying to get a hold of k_girl, including a barefoot trip over to her place resulting in some new calloused blisters, Marc inquired as to whether I wanter breakfast or not. After determining that he had no breakfast ingredients and that the pancake house would be closing soon, we headed off the the grocery store to get the necessary ingredients to make fried egg sandwiches. While preparing the English muffins, I burnt my hand on the toaster. Fun. I also got some extra protein in my sandwich courtesy of the egg shells marc threw in. :P After watching an episode of The Weakest Link and filling our heads with the mindlessness of America's Funniest Videos, I am off to try to finally get my hands on that girl who has been avoiding me all day and getting drunk without me. :P
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