August 4th, 2003



I get to see my kitty today!!!
I ate too much dairy, so now I'm puking out of my ass.
I've had more bad dreams lately. ARGH! I so don't want to sleep! And just now I found out my bestfriend got dumped and I can't even be there for her! I am so worried about her! K-girl, please tell me youare alright.
My skin is starting to peel. The skin underneath looks so pale compared to the burnt skin.
I am having an insane craving for chips but there isn't a store open around here this late and I'm in my pajamas.
I got to see 4 kitties (other than mine) this weekend and 2 of them I wanted to steal! Still thinking about kareoke and had a good time. Saw Gauthier there, he looks the same, just bigger and his voice is deeper. I have no idea who the girl he was with is, but he didn't call me "mint". :P
I had a good time with Jenn and her friend Tanya. I'm adopting her as my cousin since I have no contact with my real ones. She let me watch Aladdin, but we only got about half way through.
GAH! When will people learn that lying gets you nowhere? So many shows and movies are about people making things worse for themselves by lying when they could have been honest from the beginning and everything would have worked out. I know sometimes people get pissed at me because I am too honest, but I guess that's the way some things go.
Had icecream with my mom and her household. Their house is up for sale.

Um...anyone who prays, could you pray for our cat, Timothy? He's been sick lately and we really don't want him to die. I would be so sad because I just got to know him and Amber has raised him from a kitten. I'd really really appreciate it. Thanks.

Agh! My peeling skin itches but hurts if I scratch it. Tomorrow my mom is taking me to see the chiropractor about my legs/ankles. Next time I go in to see the doctor, they have to do a blood test to make sure the Epivalisn't causing me liver damage. *Eeek*
Anyway, I keep meaning to write a sappy post about my emotional life, but I keep getting too tired from writing this everyday stuff. I'll get around to it eventually.
Now I go to raid the freezer for fruit and read myself to sleep.
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