June 24th, 2003



Drinking iced tea at 3 am reminds me of when we survived off of 3 Litres of iced tea a day during Semester 2 exams of our first year at McMaster. Good times.
I'm not trying to stay awake, it's just sorta happening. And I have no one to talk to online so I am listening to techno and playing popcap games.
I had to help Timmy get his bum upstairs to my bed. I think maybe he has less energy now that he is on a diet. He seems happy to be on my bed. It was almost as though he wanted me to pick him up, and I know he hates being picked up. But he's here now, and I'm kinda bugging him because I keep taking pictures of him while he's sleeping. But he's such a cutie boy. My good boy. I love him.
I am getting excited about accomplishing my first knitted blanket. I know 13 squares isn't a lot, but this is my first knitting project ever and it's coming along a lot better and faster than I expected.
I was planning on playing Shivers today, but I never got around to it. I did get a little further in the PVP archives though.
I'm sure I'll have some more blathering before the night is through.
Oh yeah, Kalena wants to have a double wedding with me so that after we say "I do." we can take each others' hand and run out of the church together in our wedding dresses. :) She wanted to write a story about it. I told her it'd be 3 sentences at the most. I love the way she makes me laugh. {3 hours of less! LOL!}
Aaaaaah! I miss my moose! I hope she is liking camp. Okey, I guess I shall finish playing my game now. Oh yeah, I got to level 15 in Bookworm. I'd only gotten up to level 12 before.
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Bordom: the second evil

What Chinese Symbol Are You?

You are Lamentations
Which book of the Bible are you?
I would have guessed Job. I've never actually read Lamentations.

You are Neo
You display a perfect fusion of heroism and compassion.
What Matrix Persona Are You?
I think I've done this one before.

eating people
what's YOUR deepest secret?
heheh x_x

What swear word are you?
Yay. I'm stupid!

Stoner Bear
Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
I've only been stoned a few times!

Beautiful yet a strange, darkness and sadness lurk about you.
What element would you rein over?
At this point, the birds are up and singing.

The Lost Soul
What sign of the Black Zodiac are you?
Uh...yeah... A little too close to home.

What's Your Magic Power?
It runs in my family, the gift of prophecy.

Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
Think I might have done this one before too.

I am punk music!!
What type of music are you?
Woot! Aren't you glad I'm starting to get tired?

You Are Loss
Your life defines tragedy. You have experienced great hardships on an unimaginable scale and it has jaded your view of life.
What Emotion Are You?
Yeah... :(

you suck, and that's sad
You are the "You suck, and that's sad." happy bunny. You're truthful, but can be a bit brutal.
Which happy bunny are you?

Boy, aren't you lucky that I'm too tired to do anymore. Enjoy.
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(no subject)

Timmy's ears are hot. I don't know much about cats and fevers but I'm worried that he might have one. Like I wrote last night, I'm worried that he might not be feeling well. I'm hoping it's a temporary reaction to the shots like how humans sometimes gets.
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It is way too freaking hot.

Timmy is okay. He's just reacting to the shots a little.
Mam just was here and we had a nice talk.
I'm hungry but feel sick so I am drinking ginger ale.
I should lie down and read 1984 some more until I pass out again but I'm trying to get used to staying up during the day.
I am getting more tollerant of the kitten.
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