June 23rd, 2003


I don't know either.

As far as I'm concerned, everything is okay. You do have a tendency to take things personally. Just because I don't want to go to the store doesn't mean I don't like you. And I'm just saying, it seems that any questions you ask are interrogating, like you're looking for some reason not to like me. But I hope that the kind moments are how you really feel. Like when you ask if I'm okay and call me Sare-bear. It really bothers me when you say that I hate certain things, like you are trying to dictate what I don't like. I like you; I like our baby kitterz.
Role Reversal: Emery is the one getting left alone. He actually mentioned it the other day, and Kalena brought it up too. Once I'm finished the things I need to do, so will I. There is only so much of Marc I can take. I had to move out of my house for a month last December because of him, so it does kinda bother me that he's there every day that I'm aware of. I don't mind if he's over once in awhile, but maybe part of the reason it's just not the same between us anymore is because when I am home, there is no time for us together.
I honestly think that things will be better once we get other people living in the house.
One of the reasons I like to go see people is because basic human, everyone wants to feel needed, and like I wrote on a piece of paper on my desk, I need to feel wanted. It helps when you tell me you need me to keep the house organised and to help you eat right, but also I know you won't fall apart without me.
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