May 30th, 2003


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You never come online anymore. :(

I bathed Timmy today. He's still trying to dry off. He is the easiest cat to bathe if there ever was one. He only cried once and that was when I was already rinsing him off. And I barely had to hold him.
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As if I needed more proof that Louis reminds me of you

Last night I dreamt.
Instead of Louis and Sheridan, it was Adam and Emma.
It didn't exactly start like that. It started with me going to an amusement park with Michelle and a variety of people. There was generic amusement type stuff like waiting for people to go to the washroom or to get food or tickets.
But Adam and Emma won some kind of prize and there were up in this hotair balloon together and Ian was trying to (playfully) steal my letter tokens that we were all trying to collect.
So Beth was there and I got so pissed off at her that I told Adam what she had been doing the whole time, how she'd been lying to him, and manipulating everything. I totally blew her out of the water in front of everyone. I was worried that he wouldn't believe me, but he said he did. I asked him what he was going to do, but he didn't say anything. Emma was happy because she had her picture in the paper and it was really special to her when they were up in the air. It was a major event.
Beth was being such a bitch! Afterward, when we were all sitting around, she kept asking Adam what he enjoyed best about their relationship and if the sex had been good and all sorts of those kinds of questions with Emma sitting right there! I got so fucking pissed off at her and she acted like she wasn't doing anything wrong! I went and stormed around and told anyone who would listen how Emma didn't deserve that.
I think I woke up around then.


Yeah, so I finally checked. It's official. I got kicked out of my programme. At least I didn't get booted from the university. Jeezus that would suck.
*tries not to panic*