March 10th, 2003


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Each day that goes by without knowing, the more I am convinced...

This is going to be devastating no matter what the outcome.
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Holy crap that was fucking wierd

First I will say that I feel like shit for sleeping all day, but this dream is really freaking wierd.

First, my sister's car converted into an airplane and we were driving Ovalyn to London, but we had to stop by Leah's church first and for some reason we were flying inside of the building. The entire flight was insane, because first of all, she had no idea what she was doing (she had never done this before), how much fuel she needed, or how to get to where she was going. She kept doing dips and stuff to freak out Ovalyn, but they were giving me whiplash so I told her to stop it, and to stop flying so low to the ground.
So we're at the church and they're doing auditions for something and people keep dropping out and the woman holding the auditions starts calling people chicken and stuff. So this little girl that Leah knows comes over and talks to her and Ian, Megan, and Marc are there for some reason and they all want a ride to London. They all keep coming to ask me if they can get a ride, and it's starting to piss me off. I tell them, it's Leah's car they should ask her. Well, since we've never done this before, we have no idea what the weight capacity is, nor how much fuel is needed.
Okay, from here, I'm not sure if we flew again or what, but we're on a boat deck and then I change character and am in a shopping mall with a bunch of other (older) people and we're dancing through different stores. Most of them are empty except for a few items, and I get the impression that the few items are art (for sale). Well, we start getting pretty careless and come into a store where there's a bar in the middle with pretty girls at the bar (They're all dressed the same, so we know they're employees.) We sit down at the bar and we all get a drink (the same one) it's red and the bottom and green at the top, and the glasses are curvy, and there are two straws, both thing and red, but one is shorter than the other. Well, as we're having these drinks, the workers ask if we want to be "entertained. So my character climbs into the workers lap next to her and the worker gives kinda a backward lapdance, but with under the clothes groping involved. At first this seems slightly strange until I realise that everyone in the bar is doing this and enjoying it. Eventually the server comes around, and I order another drink, since for some reason my glass is empty even though I haven't drank all that much. The server says to the worker something about 'her father taking the goods again' or something like that.
After this, I'm back on the boat and in some kind of factory or machine room or something. Basically there's this big solid cylinder in the middle of the room, and you need to take this gate lift to get to it from the entrance, and there's a button you have to push when you're at the proper level for the cylinder to open. So, for awhile we all go about regular duties and such (I think there were about 5 of us, only one girl other than myself - who at this point was asexual.) until something bad happened. I'm not sure what it was, but the equipment began malfunctioning and crew members were passing out for no apparent reason. Well, these two men were on the gatelift and the one passed out. He was going to use the mic to shock the other back to consciousness, but the foreman told him that if he did that they'd loose all power and be totally screwed, so he didn't. Well, they were ascending up the cylinder and when they got to the floor that he wanted, the button on the gatelift was malfunctioning. Frantically, he kept hitting the button at ever floor but it never worked, and he was beginning to panic because he did not want to get crushed against the ceiling. Well, all of the sudden the button worked, but they were above all the given floors. It was like a hole was being welded into it and eventually all the crew gathered to figure out what was going on.
Then, all of the sudden the crew realises that none of this is real. All that the cylinder is is layers of plastic sheets over volumes of water at each level. The girl removes the first sheet and the rest of us sink down to the next level. I manage to get out of the water before the eldest crew member removes the next plastic sheet and sinks down further. (The importance of getting out of the water is that, once all the water drains out of the cylinder, there'd be no way to get out from the bottom.) I think that while I was getting out of the water, girl rescued the unconscious man. In the end, eldest man ended up at the bottom of the cylinder with only a chair. And we pushed a bunch more chairs in with him, so maybe he could stack them and climb out or something.
So now everyone was back on deck of the boat and there was heaps of snow all over the deck. People were putting things into the icy water, like axes and hockey sticks, and other things that didn't really make sense. Lydia (or is it Linda), the deaf-mute from Sesame Street was there and so was my father and Bette. I was (myself again) digging around in the snow, looking for one of my boxes. I was convinced I had left it on deck. Soon my sister convinced me that I had brought it inside and then there was a scene with Cookie Monster and I had my stuffed Cookie Monster and he really liked it, and he kept singing lots of songs and eating cookies.

So then I woke up.
If that isn't wierd, I don't know what is.