March 4th, 2003


Random thought

You know what I miss? Those Choose Your Own Adventure books. I used to circle the ones I'd chosen so that I could read ever possible alternative. Man, I miss those things...
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More randomness

A movie I liked as a kid but scared me at the same time was The Brave Little Toaster. I hated the vaccum. Maybe he was too cranky.
Another really messed up movie that my sister and I like is Mr. Rossi's Summer Vacation. I have no idea where we got that movie from. I don't know anyone else that's seen it.


download Megan here


through the door down the hallway
in the quiet sun again
she's wrapped up in a blanket
wondering where he's been
and I want so much to help her
to make it all seem right
but the best that I can offer
is to sit and hold her tight

it's been almost a year
since the accident occured
and in that time poor Megan
hasn't said a single word
and I think she knows the truth
that he's never coming home
but still she cries in silence
she likes to be alone

so I grabbed her by the hand
and said, "Megan, come with me.
We'll run up through the hills
and we'll climb the highest tree
and when we reach the top
we will sit and hear the wind
and if you listen closely
he will tell you where he's been"

we spent almost a day
sitting high in the trees
and I watched her tiny smile grow
as she listened to the breeze
and when the day was ending
we climbed down and walked away
and I never will forget
that's when I heard her say

She said, "I know I'll be alright
'cause you've made me understand
whether you run past the roses
or you hold them in your hands
it's in the midst of sorrow
that we truely see the light
he leaves the strenght from those
he takes from us
so we will be alright".
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Child of a Ghetto God

something meaningful...why won't it come? all that hard ass slavery and for nothing. I whored myself for your vengence yet you came up empty. Child of a ghetto god...and I am yours because no one will have me. You let me sleep in the dust at the foot of your bed, and I wear the same worn and dirty rags daily so that you have easy access and an eyeful whenever you should so desire. And while you go about your business - your meaningful life out in the world - I remain here in dim lighting, preparing your home, and your life away from the world. All of it is for you, my world. And some would say that it is pathetic that I have come to this, but they are not children of a ghetto god. My servitude for you is my world and you the essence of it's existance. Little do they know how pleased I am to sleep in the dirt and to wear rags, so long as it means that I am your child.
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