January 7th, 2003


Sesame Street is Fukt!

Read this first.

I read that DSM-IV look at Sesame Street characters and was quite surprised actually. I watched Sesame Street for most of my childhood. Seeing as how the only television channel we got (up until I graduated highschool) was PBS, I watched Sesame Street until I was in grade 5 and even after that periodically with my sister. I don't ever remember Mr. Snuffleupagus being invisible but that may have been before my time (since the show did start in the 70s). These are just my thoughts about the paper and a few additional comments.

Mr. (Aloysius) Snuffleupagus
Has a grannie that makes him cabbage soup. He also has a little sister named Alice.
He likes cabbages
Gloria Estafan guest starred on Sesame Street and sang a song with him. This is evidence against his being a shared delusion since she has no previous relationship with Big Bird or any of the other characters on Sesame Street.

Oscar the Grouch
Not as antisocial as the author claims: He has a pet worm Slimey; Slimey has friends (other worms) of his own and Oscar lets them have a birthday party.
Also, he has a song and while the majority of it is antisocial {"Ring three times...but I won't pick up the phone, cuz I don't want to talk to you."} yet at the end of the song he mentions that it might be nice to see someone for a change, so you could ring 3 times (or knock 3 times) and he might answer.
Oscar also has a song called "I love trash" which could be evidence of his agoraphobia {From documentaries I've seen of agoraphobics they usually tend to be packrats and don't throw out anything}
Oscar also has a female counterpart named Grungetta, who could be considered a girlfriend.
He also has a niece named Irvine and his mother has also made appearances on the show.

Suffers from delusions of grandeur when he "becomes" Super Grover.

Kermit the Frog
Suffers from some type of dysthemic disorder. Has manic periods, seemingly always on the go {"Hi-ho, Kermit the frog here!"} but also exibits periods of depression, such as in his song "It's not easy being green".

Cookie Monster
Once had a nightmare about cookies.

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