December 16th, 2002


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What do a poem and a statue have in common?!

The only thing I can come up with (now that it's too late) is that they're both types of art.


I think I did okay. I know for sure I got one of the math problems wrong. The book problems I usually got up to the last problem, so I think that's good. I didn't know the speed of light. (Yes, I am ashamed of that.)
Also, was Theory of Relativity Einstein or Newton?
I said Einstein, but I was really close to saying Newton.

Anyhoo, I passed! :p
I also found out that I'm getting paid for this! I had no idea. I found it slightly odd. Anyway, I'm not gonna object to being given $15
So far the symptoms aren't so bad today.

MENSA boy bugged me about stimming again today.