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Twitch. Twitch.

Was hyper last night. Stayed up, drank coffee, made KD(for the first time ever) and drank Mike's. Then I ate a pickle and cybered. (I got to the top of the mountain but there were no fireworks.)
Now I am brain dead. My shoulder hurts like a self-combusting moose, and I am depressed because I missed the bus for group. :( So I am bingeing on a bowl of cereal. (Mommy amd Moose came over and took me grocery shopping.) They forgot my notebooks which I need for school, and some pants and a driver's manual they were supposed to bring me. Oh well. At least the pain in my head is gone.
All I want to do is sleep, but I need to go to class tonight.
Also need to start going to physio again. *pain!*

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