Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

*shooting pain up my leg* >.<

too drab out to go do what I need to get done. Everything on campus closed early today. Grrrr.


Thought I'd have lots to do once I got back, but I don't. Could fuck around on the net, but I don't have sound, so that takes all the fun out of it. Meh.

Burnt my tounge this morning while having tea with Tristan, he's such a cool kid. I think he and I really relate on a lot of levels when it comes to male parental-type figures. (As he said, that's almost giving them too much credit.)

FRIGGIN! All I want to do is go out and have a drink to celebrate end of exams but army boy can't come out tonight. *Grrr.* Man, I had an awesome weekend but now everything is going straight down the tubes. You can only read so much, then the words start to blurr and I end up falling asleep. :(
I'm not much one for tv either. *sigh*
Wish I lived in Oakville. There are so many nice people there that I could go visit.

If I go to sleep now, I'll only end up waking up at 11pm and staying up the whole night, thereby doing nothing to rectify my fucked up sleeping pattern. :(
I wish I had a videogame to play, but I can't play any on my PC because of no sound and I don't have any gaming consoles.

Somebody come be my friend.

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