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I Love LARP!

YAY! Weekend of Larping!
I had a really good time. KW was kinda boring, but that could have been due to not sleeping the night before and depending on caffeine to get through the game. A lot of people leave early or show up late, so you're never sure if their character is around. Plus, they have a FUCKLOAD of private meetings in their game, makes the "lower crust" quite bored at times. And unlike Mbn, they solve the mysteries before any of the PCs can figure it out. :(
Anyway, I had an AWESOME time at ObT! I LOVE MY CHARACTER!!!!! The STs are awesome, the Player Rep is awesome, and did I mention the Head ST is really good about making sure you understand when he explains something.
I met so many people and they are SOOOOOOOOOO nice! Tamara (aka Tessa) and I hung out all weekend and other Sara is really cool. I like Candice's character a lot, but I didn't get to spend time with her OC. Phil is less creepy in person than he is online, he is the most well-rounded person I know! I am still trying to wrap my mind around it. j_cat, I am attempting to recruit you, these people are AWESOME!!! [Except for Jordan, he's an asshole.]
Anyone else who wants to play is free to, I'm just not sure who has time. I would LOVE if night_shade could play. ^.^

Anyone who's interested, contact me and I will direct you to the Player Rep.

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