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MSN Messenger is being a bitch.

I think these scars are important to me. I hadn't even thought about them until I was in the bath. I probably should put vitamin E on them so that they fade away... but part of me doesn't want to. Maybe I need this. It is the only answer I have to many many things.
I dyed my hair turquoise tonight.
Maybe I'll go swimming tomorrow night. 9:30 to 11 is lengths.
My wrist and my back hurt. I feel like I sprained my wrist, I have no idea how that would have happened though.

Are you happy here in Themepark, U.S.A?
And do you sometimes wish that your life was Plug 'N Play?
And are the words to this song concise enough to follow?
Is your Smartfood simple enough to swallow?

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