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I made myself look over this morning. I have decided that I do infact have nothing to say to you. There's plenty to say about you, but no words would come if I stood in front of you and you gave me the time of day.
You are invading my dreams now. Somehow, in them, my sister has the answers. If the dream is true, you did not understand at all. It is no secret that I have dependancy issues, but you are mistaken to think they applied to you. It is strange how much more easily I got over you than I did Gerry. He had me heaving tears on my bed for weeks. And the funniest part was, he lives in Saskatchewan.

I am going batshit trying to get the internet to work at my house. STUPID F-ING COMPUTER!!! Yeah yeah, you're gonna tell me it's the OS. I know I am starting to bug you with my technological ineptness. At least I can do some things, try some things. It'd be easier to call technical support if I had a phone connection that worked in my room. (Need that analog thing.) Anyway, hopefully we can get it working today (PLEASE???) and then I won't have to bother you with it anymore. And if we get it working you can do your assignment.

Gotta go to class...

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