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$1.69, The love You Can Afford.

If you think my entries are whiny and full of shit, don't read this.

I feel like crap. Depression has got me in it's grip. Adam hates me (or is doing a really good job of convincing me that he does), and Marc almost started the whole arguement about having food in the house again until I yelled at him that I was not going to talk about it. My girlfriend is in love with someone who is envious of our relationship, my bestfriend has found someone else to spend time with, my sister is nagging me to unpack at her house, and I have a lot of homework to catch up. Not to mention the asshole that drove into me last night and things still being wierd with Em. I just told Andy about my psychotic issues and Dan doesn't take anyone seriously.

I just killed a mosquito.

I am really thinking of skipping class tomorrow. My brain hurts and I cannot handle the stress. I just want to lie down, scream and cry, and tell everyone to leave me alone. I think Leslie is right, it only gets worse, never better. That has always been my fear as well. I am never going to be okay.

Some good things: I am friends with Andy and we went out for dinner and icecream tonight. Hopefully we will do more things (like swimming and theatre)
I met 2 girls at school: Lauren and Mavarren.
My therapy group is really good.
Lynn is nice and has cats.
My books came in the mail today.

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