Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

So maybe I am being stubborn and taking offense because someone who I considered to be a friend will not relinquish their negative and (what I see as) incorrect opinion of me. Don't worry, you won't ever have to talk to me again. You KNOW I cannot deal with people feeling hostile towards me or disliking me, especially when someone thinks things about me that aren't true. I know you can't see that you are poisoning me inside. But the atmosphere has grown toxic here and I do believe it is a change of seasons.
After spending the past 26 hours in and out of hospital, you would feel dead too. I'm not asking you to understand, just letting you know so you can't claim ignorance. The walls are collapsing all around me and I am beginning to feel claustraphobic here trapped within myself. I hate making decisions when all I want is a quick fix.
And still no answer to perceived betrayal.

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