Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

The Answer

Karaoke Monkee says:
have you ever heard of or tried speatzle?

Queen of Labrynths, Patron Saint of Bricks says:
What the hell is that and my roomie wants to know if you are a kareoke _monkee_ why you have a picture of a duck?

Karaoke Monkee says:
The first answer is easy...a german noodle and it's AWESOME. It was sitting on the pie so I grabbed it instead. The second answer is a little more complex...

Karaoke Monkee says:
The first karaokee monkey was discovered in 1969 by a naturalist named Elissa Groves. Elissa's father was an archeoligist working somewhere near the aztec temples in Mexico when he got the call about the news. He was so excited he ran find his wife (conveniently on location with him as it was their anniversary)

Karaoke Monkee says:
Unfortunately she had drawn a bath to freshen up before dinner and had placed a curtain around the tub for some privacy for the local porters and workmen recruited by her husband. Blindly charging through the curtain Elissa's father tripped on an object on the ground, rolling over the tub, falling onta the purple striped aspen viper that was seconds away from attackin his wife.

Karaoke Monkee says:
After hearing the news of this close enounter of the 1st kind, Elissa decided the first song Pumpernickel (the name of the Monkey) should learn was the rubber ducky song. Hence...the rubber ducky.

Karaoke Monkee says:
But maybe she's right...maybe it should be a monkey...

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