Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Reality Check

I am incredibly surprised at the number of people who have voiced their concern about my wellbeing. And not only just voiced it, actually did/or were going to do something about it as well. I should also mention that many of them requested that I never do such a dire act again.
Honestly, I didn't know what I was doing at the time, and when I think about it now, it scares me that I could feel so desperate as to do something that drastic to myself. There are two phases from advice given to me that keep floating around in my head:
1) "Do the right thing."
2) "You need to learn to trust yourself."
I will never be able to fully express my gratitude to the people - my friends - who went through this with me and made sure I pulled through. It's going to take a long time to deal with my illness, but for now I'm functional and really think I've learned a lot from the entire experience. I'm not saying it was the best way, but it was my way and it is unfair to ask someone to learn from another's mistakes.

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