Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Bad cat! No eating my banana!

I just watched two very good movies, and got to shed a few tears as well. In Dreams is such a cool movie, the kind that I like, and I want to get a copy. I also watched October Sky. It was great, based on a true story. That's what opened up my waterworks, seeing someone fulfill their life goal.
I totally drained myself today, running around all over campus. At least I got everything done and all I have to worry about is physio and class tomorrow. You don't understand how much I am shaking, worse than a dry leaf in Autumn. I could barely make it down the stairs to bed tonight and had to crawl from the bathroom to my floorspace. I really over-exerted myself. But school should be okay. I know where the elevators are and I can leave stuff on campus now that I have a locker (which I am so excited about!)
I have a stomach ache and a headache which is why I am up writing this. I could barely sign my receipts and loan forms today, how I am managing to type this I do not know. Lots of concentration I guess.
I need a cane. It'd make it easier to get up the stairs when I have to, and it probably would be easier to type my notes than read my Parkinson's scrawl that used to be my handwritting but problem is even if I had a laptop it would be heavy.
I hate my spontaneous cravings.

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