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My Sob Story

I can't sleep. I'm thinking too much. Thinking of how horney I am and how I can't do anything about it. Thinking of all the things I'm missing out on and all the things I will be missing out on. Thinking about how much pain I'm in just sitting here typing and how maybe I should just take a painkiller and let the codein knock me out. Thinking about the strange reoccuring dream I had today, and how I shouldn't have gone out to rent movies, even though it's only a 2 minute drive away. Thinking about all the decisions I'm going to have to make and the things I am going to have to accomplish. If I live through this year, I should get a freaking medal. But of course I won't. I don't think any of you appreciate how difficult a time this is for me. If you think my life was bad before... I don't know what I'd be like if I weren't on my anti-depressants. I'd probably be a complete wreck, crying all frickin day. I was pretty weepy today. I think I do need to cry. And of course, trying to relieve my horniness, I've been thinking too much about relationships. I have so many doubts about something I was once so sure of, and I can't even think of the future let alone 3 days in advance now.
I think for once I am looking for sympathy. Or at least pity. I know who has the tea. ;)

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