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Last night's excursion

Well, after tracking down k_girl only to have her fall asleep on me, I decided it was time to return home, only I was bored, it being Friday night. So I get this brilliant idea to meet leella downtown so that we can go see a movie. Unfortunately, neither of us were aware of an event happening downtown, specifically where we were planning to meet. After walkng around downtown for about an hour, including an anxious "I don't know what to do" call to argonsloth, I had just resigned myself to catching the next bus home and waiting for Amber to realise I wasn't there so I could appologise my heart out when she returned, only to find her at a phone booth, attempting to call my cell phone which had died. We were both incredibly relieved. Since it was too late to see a movie by this point, we finally decided to go to Pagoda to get something to eat and drink. Amber split two dishes with me: beef and broccoli, and deepfried shrimp. I ordered a pot of chinese tea which I had not had for some time.
After our pleasant meal, we decided to head on home. The bus was taking the longer route, so we decided to walk. Let me take this moment to explain that the calloused blisters I had obtained from the barefoot excursion to Kalean's earlier this day were not feeling very happy, especially from walking around downtown so much, but still I agreed to hobble from West 5th to our house so we wouldn't have to take the long way home.
After taking care of a few things upon entering the house, we set in for a night of video games, including some apple pie and a peach.
After a few hours, I started to pass out and had difficulty staying awake long enough to save my game. I then curled up on the floor to sleep while Amber continued to play her RPG and a cute little ball of Trillian curled up beside me. x) She was a good little baby and hardly even moved when I forgot (in my sleep) that she was there.

As for today? Well, first I plan to get more than 4hrs of sleep. Then, it is imperitive that we get some kitty litter for our babies. I also plan to take Timothy out to explore the new lawn we have (which was cool and soothing to my feet last night), since he's been wanting to so that since yesterday. And when Kalena gets off work, we are supposed to be going to a party at Jon's. Yay, good times!

Either peaches don't got very well with Chinese food or I've been drinking too much pop recently. My stomach really REALLY hurts! :(

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