Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

The little Trillian

I felt bad that I wasn't there for Trillian's arrival back home, but she seems to be alright. She is following people around a lot and still squinting with her left eye. I was upstairs in the bathroom at one point while Amber was outside and the poor Trilly was crying and crying, so I called out to her, unsure whether she'd be able to hear me, but she was laying outside the bathroom door when I opened it, and she followed me around a little. Poor Trilly baby. She spilt her food today too.

This brings me to Timmers. We have to cut back on his food. Well, he was mreowing and mreowing and we couldn't get him to stop and I only wanted to feed him later, otherwise he'd be mreowing all night. Finally I took him outside and that seemed to distract him from the lack of food in front of him. He was a little uncooperative coming back into the house but he hasn't resumed crying for food yet, so I'm taking that as a good thing.
Amber kept having to chase him away from the hole in the fence to keep him from Jim's yard. He kept staring over there like, why won't you let me go over to the soft grass? The poor B.

My dayplanner came today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Now I can be organised again!!! It's a bit bigger than I thought it'd be but it'll do fine.

Got some of k_girl's things from Ward but I forgot to bring her the cds I wanted to!!! Gah! Well, I can always bring them another time. Just like hokus_mouse will have to come up again some time to get the sunglasses. ;)
I had a great time last night. I'm glad we could all get together.

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