Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

I miss Roswell

I will always rock
and I will always pick my fingers
(I will always stim)
I will always make the walls move
and live inside my head
I will never be like you

Woke up to find Trillian sleeping in the bathroom on my towels, the little cutie. Also, she has discovered the wonders of the toilet, so if you find a wet pussy runny around the house...
Before that, woke up to a cute black ball of Merlynn sleeping between my legs. One problem. I was sleeping on my stomach, slightly twisted, so it was difficult to get out of bed without disturbing her, but I managed it.
Timothy also spent some time on my bed this morning. I only know this because I heard him and rolled away towards the wall so that he wouldn't nibble on me for food.

I am becomming more convinced that I am a tense sleeper. I've always been most comfortable sleeping curled up in the fetal position. Observers have mentioned that I sleep with my hands clenched and that I twitch a lot in my sleep. I've noticed in periods of mild surfacing that yes, I do sleep with my hands clenched. And usually I wake up with my back or neck sore.
I don't think the wild dreams I've been having help either.

In other news, I finally got my cell phone account set up so that I can pay it online. It's been a pain in the ass not being able to do that before. Sad part is, I'll be switching to pay as you go come September, so I'll only be using it once or twice before I don't need it anymore. Oh well.

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